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Case Study - Underground Asset Services 

Underground Asset Services (UGAS) is an Australian owned and operated company providing a range of options for the maintenance and rehabilitation of sewerage and storm water pipelines. From head office in Tasmania they provide services across the nation. Joining Mogo in March 2013, they currently have 12 vehicles fitted with tracking devices.

We spoke with Brett Mangelsdorf at Underground Asset Services to gain a fuller understanding of their experience with GPS Tracking and how it has assisted improving their business operations. The following is a transcript of the interview: 

Q: What prompted to you enquire about GPS Tracking?

A: To gain a better understanding of my workforce’s hours and their reliability. I wanted to find out the exact times staff started and finished.

Q: Did you have any business issues or problems areas you wanted to address?

A: Yes, the accuracy of my workforce’s time sheets was an area that needed immediate addressing. I wanted to know the exact start and finish times and had no method or tool for verification.

Q: Was it a difficult task to communicate with your drivers to find out their location, time at site, break times etc.?

A: This was a hard task due to the complications of telecommunications – working in some regional areas, driving while on the phone, being on site and so forth.  

Q: Has Mogo’s system addressed your business issue or problem area?

A: Yes it definitely has. We needed something to verify time sheets and now we do.  Out of 10, I would say Mogo has been a 9 in helping solving the problem. I can’t give it a 10 because nothing is perfect. 

Q: After installing the tracking system, has the amount spent on fuel been reduced?

A: I am now monitoring the productivity of my drivers allowing me to reduce fuel wastage, saving approximately between 5 – 10% per week in fuel expenses.

Q: Has Mogo’s system reduced the need to communicate with drivers?

A: There is no need to contact them to find out their location and start/completion time. With the information Mogo provides, we can now call them to find out why they are still at a job site or why they have taken longer than planned. 

Q: What impact has Mogo’s reports made on checking staff time sheets?

A: I now have an accurate backup system with detailed information on all our vehicles. I can now check the reliability/honesty of drivers and note if they are putting the correct times down.

Q: Has Mogo’s system provided value and assisted you with your role in the business? If so, how?

A: Yes, most definitely. The productivity of my fleet has improved and I can now allocate the closest vehicle to a job or if something needs picking up we can see if someone is in the area.  

Q: Would you recommend Mogo to others who manage vehicles?

A: Yes, most certainly. It is a really helpful business tool. The customer service and support has been excellent and the information has always been accurate. 

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