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GPS Tracking and more...


Live Tracking

Users can view the current location of their vehicle on Google Earth mapping. This enables viewing of street address and by viewing the aerial photography, you can even see where the vehicle is in the yard or block with a clear colour coded marker.

Each vehicle indicator is colour coded to indicate whether it has its ignition on or off, is speeding, excessive idling, or at a customer premises (way point) and will show the vehicles number, registration, drivers name, current speed, and an arrow showing the direction of travel.

History Replay Module

The solution will allow a user to enter a date range in the past to view the vehicles travel historically for any 24 hour period. Vehicle journey can be replayed with all the indicators normally available in the live mapping section available on the historical replay. The easy to use play back bar allows users to move freely back and forward throughout the day.

Waypoint Management

A way point or geographical boundary can be setup to mark the location of a customer’s premises, no-go zone, a person’s house, a company office or depot, or any other regular landmark that customers are interested in tracking.

Once a way point is setup and named in the solution, the name of the way point the vehicle is located at, such as “Nigel’s wholesale chickens” is visible through live mapping. Fleet managers can then view simple reports showing when vehicles have attended way points and the time spent at each one.


The system comes complete with 11 standard reports. These range from trip reports showing the start and end location of every trip, through to detailed reports, customer way point reports, location reports.

All reports are simply launched into excel then either opened or saved onto PC for immediate or later viewing.


Hard-Wired Tracking Units

Engineered and manufactured in Australia using high quality components and designed specifically to ensure reliability and longevity, mogo2.2 is a 3G based unit which operates on the NextG network. It has 3 digital inputs to report on such as ignition on/off, boot open/close and door open/close.

The tracking device requires a hardwired installation by simply wiring power, earth, ignition sensor and mounting an antenna under the dashboard. Installation can be done by our customers, their local auto-electrician or our preferred supplier.

Plug-and-Go Tracking Unit

This is designed to be self-installed to the OBDII diagonstic port and can be fitted within a matter of seconds as no wiring is required. Operating on the 3G network, it captures a range of live vehicle data including harsh driving, speeding and engine data* such as engine RPM’S, pressures, water temperature and odometer readings.

This tracking device is ideal for businesses that want a reliable tracking solution, where a hardwired tracking device may not be suitable due the frequency of installation and de-installation, which would both be time consuming and costly. It also also has towing detection functionality and back up battery, to report when the tracking device has been tampered with or de-installed from the vehicle.