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Mogo GPS Pricing

We’re pleased to offer the vehicle tracking system in two ways; buy your hardware and select a Go-Pack or rent the system over 36 months.

Hardware Purchase

Select your hardware.

Select your hardware*

Mogo2.2 - Hardwired Unit (NextG) $650  $390
Plug-and-Go - OBDII Unit (NextG) $299  $190

*Online pricing only

* Extension Cable $15 (optional accessory)


Deposit required

Hardware and first four months of contract
All prices above are exclusive of GST, installation and postage charges.


Monthly Plan

Select your Go-Pack from the matrix here.

Select a Go Pack

Go15 $26 15 minute status and location updates and all standard inclusions
Go5 $29 5 minute status and location updates and all standard inclusions
Go2 $35 2 minute status and location updates and all standard inclusions
Go1 $39 Status and location update every sixty seconds as well as all standard inclusions

Which hardware will suit me?

Mogo 2.2 uses the NextG network to send location and speed data and Telstra’s latest NextG network offers greater coverage particularly in country areas. The Plug-Go solution is designed to be self-installed to the OBDII diagonstic port and can be fitted within a matter of seconds as no wiring is required. Operating on the 3G network, it captures a range of live vehicle data including harsh driving, speeding and engine data.

Which Go-Pack is for me?

All Go-Packs include data, mapping upgrades, ten standard reports and one user account with unlimited access to live tracking, reports and waypoint management. In addition to your status updates vehicle ignition on/off as well as entry into and out of waypoints, the data is collected and sent through at the time of the event. Most find the simplest way to find the right plan is by selecting how often you would like information from vehicles. If you find you need more or less information you can always update your plan with a quick email.