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GPS Trackers for just $199 a device!


Want to monitor and track your vehicles?

Mogo's system offers a number of  features

including live tracking, history replay,

way point management, email alerts

and a number of comprehensive reports!

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Available Now

Snap up Australian made GPRS or 3g/NextG GPS Tracker devices for as little as $290 a device. 


How Much?

mogo manufactures and sells direct to our customers, passing on great savings. Simply choose your GPS Tracker hardware and Go-Pack then checkout online.

How Does it Work?

mogo is web based, so using it is easy. Simply login to the GPS Tracking solution via any internet browser using your username and password, you’re off and tracking.



No fuss GPS Tracker prices.

Our GPS tracking hardware is in stock and available from just $299 per device.

These tracking devices can operate on the 2G GPRS network or the 3G NextG network for broader coverage.

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No fuss monthly Go-Packs.

Once you purchase a GPS Tracker from mogo gps you can choose from one of four plans.

Prices start at $26 per month and include access to our web client, a free iPhone and iPad app, product support and data charges. 

Once you have selected the GPS Tracking solution that suits your business best, simply order online!



GPS Tracking device cheap and Australian made

Mo strives to offer the best value possible, and that's why we deliver great product and excellent support at a fair price for all.

Not only can you purchase mogo hardware from $290 per unit but you can then access the software for as little as 83 cents a day! You can't argue with that now can you?!

From $26 per month you can expect Google mapping and map data upgrades, transfer data and sim cards, ten standard reports and one user account with unlimited access to live tracking via the web client, iPad and iPhone app, email alerts, excel reports and waypoint/geofence management.

If you need more information however you can upgrade to the Go 5, Go2 or Go1 plans which offer tracking updates every five, two and one minutes.


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How does it work?

GPS Tracking The mogo solution locates your fleet using a GPS Tracking device connected to a dual antennae. This antennae communicates with both the global positioning system as well as the Telstra data network whilst powered up. This location, speed, status and other data is then sent back to our customers to view on their PC, iPhone or iPad.

Once a fleet has hardware installed by one of our recommended suppliers, customers can view current location by simply clicking on the vehicle name, placeholder icon or designated number. Alternatively the location of all vehicles can be shown simultaneously in the event users are looking for the closest vehicle to a job site or area.

The web based tracking software is very intuitive and easy to use with on-line email support and downloadable user manuals if required

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